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About Rich’s Sandy Tree Service

Established in 1989 by ISAcertified arborist Rich Gillum, Rich’s Tree Service strives to meet your Sandy tree service needs with honesty, integrity, and dependability. We accomplish even the most difficult jobs safely, systematically, and with our customer’s needs at the forefront of what we do.

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Our Sandy tree services include

An example of tree planting from Rich's Sandy Tree Service

Sandy Tree Planting Services

The right trees placed in the right spaces on your property create an ideal blend of shade, privacy, and visual interest. Rich’s Tree Service brings a depth of knowledge and experience to provide tree planting services in Sandy – to develop your landscape today and for years to come.

Large, well-maintained trees create comfort, shade, and beauty, but not all trees are desirable in every Sandy landscape. Some tree species have shallow root systems, extreme susceptibility to pests or disease, or other qualities that make them prone to failure. Others drop larger amounts of debris or have invasive properties that make them a poor choice. Saplings and young trees may not maintain their attractive qualities as they mature. For these reasons and more, it is valuable to have deep background knowledge at your disposal when making decisions about the kinds of trees to include in your landscape.

Working together with you, the tree professionals at Rich’s Tree Service select trees that are sure to thrive in your Sandy landscape and bring enjoyment for years to come.

Questions to be answered before selecting a tree to plant:

  • What is the function or purpose of the tree? Shade? Privacy? Sound deadening? Aesthetics?
  • How long will it take for this tree to be big enough to meet my expectations?
  • How long before this tree is too big for this setting?
  • How much maintenance will this tree require in the future?
  • How will this tree impact my home, hardscape and surrounding landscape?
  • Are there any allergy concerns?
  • Do I live in an area with harsh weather conditions?

If you don’t know the answers – that’s what we’re here for. If you are looking to plant trees in Sandy, give us a call!

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A member of our Sandy service at workOur tree pruning service at workShrubs in need of our Sandy tree service

Sandy Tree Trimming Service

Pruning isn’t just for beauty. It’s also for health and structure. Understanding how trees develop in terms of growth potential and structure is essential in proper trimming. Different species of trees and shrubs have different tendencies both in terms of how they grow – and often how they fail. At Rich’s Tree Service, it’s our job to keep these things in mind and apply proper pruning techniques for the good of your trees.

Kinds of Tree Trimming We Do in Sandy

Before we begin a pruning job, you will be provided with a quote of what we think would be best for the health of your trees. That quote may include some of the following services:

  • Hazard Pruning
  • Our team of experts will identify hazards that need to be mitigated. We will remove dead, dying, diseased, and weak branches for the health of your trees and to avoid situations that require emergency removal.
  • Thinning
  • This is the selective removal of branches to increase light penetration, improve air movement, and reduce weight to decrease stress on the tree structure and curate an environment conducive to the health of the tree and other plants in the area.
  • Elevating
  • Elevating involves the removal of lower branches to provide greater clearance from the ground, which may be needed in an area with traffic or to encourage other growth further up the tree.
  • Crown Reduction
  • Crown reduction decreases the size of the profile size of a tree using proper cuts, thereby preserving appearance, health, and structure.
  • View Clearing
  • Selective removal of limbs in the crown to allow for a specific view – a great alternative to tree topping.
  • Pollarding
  • This technical term refers to a less common pruning technique that involves the yearly removal of all new growth. Pollarding has the effect of restricting a tree’s height.
  • Fruit Tree Pruning
  • There are several reasonable techniques utilized for pruning fruit trees, each with a very different outcome. A benefit of a professional tree service is that the team members understand how your trees will respond to each method of trimming and can adapt their technique depending on your objective.

In short, a Sandy tree service keeps your landscape beautiful, trees healthy, and people and property safe. To schedule an evaluation of your trees from an arborist’s perspective, give us a call today.

Our Tree Service for Commercial Property Owners, Property Management Companies, and HOAs in Sandy

We also service Sandy commercial properties and HOAs when the following issues need addressing:

  • Competition for visibility for storefronts and signage
  • Building clearance
  • Clearance over streets, buildings, and sidewalks
  • Staying mindful of security, safety, and lighting
  • Managing competition for sunlight to other vegetation

We are confident in handling the jobs that even the biggest clients have to offer. If you own a large commercial property, manage several properties, or are in charge of arranging neighborhood maintenance for an HOA in Sandy, we would love to talk with you to discuss how we can help with your tree trimming needs.

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A fallen tree in need of removalA member of our Sandy tree service at work - we are arborists for SandyOur Sandy tree service team preparing for a job

Sandy Tree Removal

There are many reasons why it might be time to remove a standing tree from your property, such as

  • Decay
  • Rot or disease can weaken a tree to the point where removal is necessary to prevent failure.
  • View obstruction
  • While we prefer to trim rather than remove to promote a great view, unfortunately, there are times when removal is the only option.
  • Roots that are damaging sidewalks or water lines
  • Sometimes roots grow into and break sewer or water lines, or cause uplifting to portions of sidewalk. We are often called in when a sewer line scope or real estate inspection reveals this is the case, requiring the removal of the problematic tree(s) to prevent further damage
  • To promote the growth of other plants or trees
  • All plants need appropriate levels of light and space to grow well. When necessary, we remove trees to provide ideal conditions which allow for other plants and trees to thrive
  • Getting too close to power or communication lines
  • To prevent issues, especially during heavy weather, it is important to maintain proper clearance between trees and power/communication lines. It is also important to do this in a safe way to avoid damage or injury, which is where our trained tree service team comes in. Often trimming will solve the issue, but sometimes removal is required

Has a tree already fallen on your property? We are here to remove it completely. Are you concerned that a tree may be hazardous? Our team of tree experts is ready to come to evaluate the situation, so you don’t have to wonder anymore.

While each of our customer’s circumstances is different, there are a few sets of options for Sandy tree removal that we commonly provide for our customers.

Standard Tree Removal

Our standard removal includes the felling of the tree, disposal of limbs, and cutting larger-diameter logs to 16″ lengths for firewood that by default is left on site. If you choose, we can remove the wood for an additional cost.

Down-Only Tree Removal

Down-only tree removal consists of safely taking a tree down either in one or multiple pieces, as the situation requires. There is no cleanup, firewood cutting, or limb removal provided.

Low-Impact Tree Removal

Low-impact tree removal is required when the setting has features that must be protected. In this process, trees are cut and lowered in manageable pieces to the ground in such a way as to ensure there is no damage to structures or landscaping.

Permits for Tree Removal in Sandy

Are you concerned about the process for tree removal permits in Sandy? Unsure what permits or other authorization may be required? Permits are required for much of the work that we perform. We can obtain these or assist in the process as an additional service to our customers.

Free Quotes for Tree Removal Projects

Rich’s Tree Service provides free quotes to all our customers looking for a Sandy tree service that can remove their trees safely and efficiently. Just contact us at the links below!

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Sandy Emergency Tree Removal

When trees fall or begin to break and present a risk, time is of the essence to preserve the safety of people and property. Some of the situations that commonly require our emergency services include

  • Partially fallen trees
  • Large branches showing evidence of breaking
  • Trees which have already landed on a structure
  • Tops of trees which have broken off and are suspended by other trees
  • Lightning strikes
  • Fallen trees which have blocked a needed path or driveway

What to do if You Have an Emergency Tree Removal Situation in Sandy

  • Ensure that people are out of harm’s way. If a tree or portion thereof has already caused damage to a structure where people are, move them as far away from the danger as possible.
  • Call emergency services if anyone is injured.
  • If safe to do so, take pictures of the damage for your home insurance company. You will want to do this after the tree is gone, as well.
  • Contact your utility companies if you have lost service.
  • Call Rich’s Tree Service. We will dispatch an emergency tree removal crew to your Sandy property as quickly as possible. When we arrive, we will assess the situation with you and get to work, helping to secure you against further damage.

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A member of Rich's Sandy tree service cabling a tree

Sandy Tree Cabling

Cabling is a technique arborists use to protect and improve the structural integrity of damaged trees for our Sandy, Oregon clients. Cables are installed in the upper crown of a tree to address structural defects. We primarily use the Cobra cable system, which includes a built-in shock absorber designed to absorb the dynamic forces that occur to trees during inclement weather.

If you have a tree that you think is in danger of falling or breaking, cabling may be the answer.

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Tree Cabling with the Cobra Bracing System

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Our stump grinder at work

Sandy Stump Removal Service

Rich’s stump removal service for the Sandy area usually involves grinding. Stump grinding is a process by which a rotating cutter wheel grinds a stump to a depth of up to 24 inches below ground level depending on the machine utilized, access, and other limiting factors. After we finish, all that’s left of the stump is wood chips mixed with dirt.

As the wood chips produced by stump grinding are not a suitable medium for gardening, they need to be either distributed in a thin layer or removed altogether, which we offer as an additional service for our Sandy, Oregon stump removal clients.

The experts at Rich’s Tree Service provide several different options for stump grinding. The best one depends on factors such as accessibility and the size of the stump. Whatever the situation on your property, we have what you need to handle the job.

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What Our Customers Say About Rich’s Sandy Tree Service

  • "Rich is a great arborist, I have used 10 - 12 different companies and he is the best. He is honest and mid-range as far as cost. If you want someone cheap that will top your trees and make them look like trash don't call Rich because he won't do this type of work. He looks to find the best solution for the client and the health of their trees." – Paul
  • "I just had Rich's Tree Service out to the house. Office staff were extremely professional and communication was easy and smooth. There were 2 highly competent men who listened to everything I asked and made sure to explain (other companies have sent people who don't communicate well). They had ample equipment and a chipper. It was a very detailed job in which they did all. They left it better than it looked when they came and actually cleaned the neighbor's yard too. I would highly recommend them and I plan to use them again in the future. They really went over and above my expectations!" – Joy
  • "I've never posted a review, much less a 5-star review. But here's the deal: office staff was super when I called to schedule an estimate. Estimator was friendly and knowledgeable. Estimate was the lowest of three. The guys who came to cut down the tree were friendly and OMG THEY CUT THAT TREE DOWN SO FAST. Guy who came to grind out the stump explained exactly what he was doing and did a great job. And office staff was great when it was time to pay the bill (which was cheaper than the estimate). So, five stars easy, would gladly use Rich's again." – Matthew
  • "They have saved my Dawn Redwood. They have very knowledgeable appraisers and they are efficient and reasonable. I will never call anyone else no matter the price." – Deborah
  • "Rich's Tree Service was beyond amazing. After getting (3) different estimates, Rich's came in dead center. Tho it was about $600 more than the lowest bid, Rich assured me it could be done in ONE day (we removed eight very large trees), while the other two said it would take a week or more. Rich's crew showed up promptly at 7:30am and did the most amazing job removing not only the tree, but yard debris that had been there for quite some time due to the trees. They also went above and beyond into my neighbor's yards to clean up any tiny twigs that made their way into their yards and even blew the leaves that fell over the fence and removed them in garbage cans. They were an amazing crew of (4) complete gentlemen. They even let me know when they were taking breaks so I could let my dogs out to go potty. I can simply not say enough to describe the professionalism that took place. There isn't a better option for your tree removal needs!!!" – Natasha
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Rich’s Tree Service is Ready to Help Residential and Commercial Clients in Sandy, Oregon

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