Portland Tree Planting Services
Planting Trees for Success in Portland, Oregon

The right trees placed in the right spaces on your property create an ideal blend of shade, privacy, and visual interest. Rich’s Tree Service brings a depth of knowledge and experience to provide Portland tree planting services – to develop your landscape today and for years to come.

Get Your Landscape Off to a Good Start with Portland Tree Planting Services

Working together with you, the tree professionals at Rich’s Tree Service select trees that are sure to thrive in your landscape and bring enjoyment for years to come.

Tree Selection for the Portland Climate

Large, well-maintained trees create comfort, shade, and beauty, but not all trees are desirable in all landscapes. Some tree species have shallow root systems, extreme susceptibility to pests or disease, or other qualities that make them prone to failure. Others drop larger amounts of debris or have invasive properties that make them a poor choice. Saplings and young trees may not maintain their attractive qualities as they mature. For these reasons and more, it is valuable to have deep background knowledge at your disposal when making decisions about the kinds of trees to include in your landscape.

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Tree Selection for Property Value

Before choosing a tree to plant, several questions should be answered

  • What is the function or purpose of the tree?
  • Is it for shade or privacy? Sound deadening? Aesthetics?
  • How long will it take for this tree to be big enough to meet my expectations?
  • What is the growth rate of the species I am interested in, and how big will it be when I plant it?
  • How long before this tree is too big for this setting?
  • At some point, the tree may either need to be removed or significantly trimmed. Alternatively, other plants may need to be removed to make space at some point in the future.
  • How much maintenance will this tree require in the future?
  • Different species will require different degrees of maintenance.
  • How will this tree impact my home, hardscape, and surrounding landscape?
  • One way a tree can impact its surroundings is through its root system. The roots of some trees may tend to push up on structures such as sidewalks, causing damage, while others won’t.
  • Are there any allergy concerns?
  • The pollen produced by some trees can be difficult for those with sensitivities
  • Do I live in an area with harsh weather conditions?
  • Harsh weather can affect different species in unique ways. Some are more prone to weather damage than others.
The Crew at Rich's Tree providing Portland tree planting services

Knowledgeable Tree Installation

Many details go into planting a tree to improve its chances of survival. After all, being taken out of the conditions you have been growing in and moving to a completely different environment can be a shock for a tree.

You may have the following questions about our Portland tree planting services:

  • How deep should the hole be? Of what diameter?
  • How deep should the root ball go underground?
  • Should the burlap sack come off or not?
  • Should the original dirt be returned to the hole, or should something else be used?
  • How do you plant the tree so that it grows straight?
  • How much water should be added initially?

If you’re not confident in the answers to these questions, please give us a call today so we can – at a minimum – give you a quote and tell you how we would help get your trees off to a great start in their new home.

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Why Hire a Portland Tree Planting Service?


While it may not seem much of a deal to dig a hole for a single tree if you’re in good condition, if you are planning a large-scale tree installation (in terms of volume or size), you may want something a bit more robust than a shovel – or you could save yourself the hassle altogether and give us a call. We have all the equipment needed for planting your trees, even in hard-to-reach places.


We have 30+ years of experience providing Portland tree planting services. Let us help you choose the best kind of trees for your property. Build a landscape you can be confident will last.


When you hire Rich’s Portland tree service, you can know that we stand behind what we put in the ground with a one-year limited guarantee. Contact us for details.

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Portland Tree Planting Services Q&A

How much does it cost to plant a tree?

This depends on the size and number of trees that are to be planted. The only way for us to know for sure is to see the property and talk with you to get a better idea of what you're looking for. Call us to receive a free quote.

Do you assist in the choosing of trees to plant on my property?

Our certified arborists will certainly help in the selection of the best kind of trees for your budget and landscaping needs. Our goal is to find the right kind of tree for the right place on your property to meet your goals with a lasting solution.

Can I buy trees through you, or do I need to buy them separately?

While you are welcome to buy trees on your own and have us plant them, our tree planting services include the option of having us do the shopping for you. We have good relationships with several nurseries in the area and can get a great deal for you. Not to mention that our arborists will be able to tell whether the trees we are purchasing are healthy and of good quality – if you buy the tree, that responsibility will rest on you.

What times of year are your tree planting services available?

We typically plant trees between October and March. The earlier we plant, the more options we have both in terms of availability and survival.

Can I bundle tree planting services with other services from Rich's Tree Service?

Definitely. If you need to remove trees, for instance, and want them replaced – that would be an ideal time to make use of our tree planting services. We can work the costs of planting new trees into our quote for the removal of the old.

Do you have any guarantees that the trees you plant will survive?

We are confident enough in the knowledge and skills of our professional tree planting services staff that we do guarantee the successful survival of your tree for up to one year provided that from the time we plant it, the tree has not been improperly trimmed, inadequately watered, or otherwise vandalized.

Rich’s Tree Service Provides Portland Tree Planting Services

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