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Stump And Tree Removal For Portland & Fairview, OR Locals

Tree Removal

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Rich’s Tree Service specializes in stumpand tree removal. Portland residents have trusted us since 1989 to take care of their tree needs. We can remove any tree efficiently and safely, no matter what the size or location of the tree may be.

Standard Tree Removal
When Rich’s Tree Service is contracted to remove trees for you, our standard removal includes the disposal of the limbs, cutting the firewood to 16″ lengths that will be left on site, or for an additional cost we can remove the firewood.

Tree removal Portland OR down only removal picture - Rich's Tree Service
Tree removal Portland OR low impact removal picture - Rich's Tree Service
Down-Only Removal
A down-only tree removal consists of safely taking the tree down either in one or multiple pieces. There is no cleanup, firewood cutting, or limb removal. This option is the least expensive and the perfect fit for the budget-conscious property owner.
Low-Impact Tree Removal
The final option is a low-impact removal. This task is done by lowering all sections to the ground and then removing them from the site in small sections to reduce drag damage to lawn or bedding flowers. A crane may sometimes be needed to perform this type of work.
We offer free estimates for your tree removal. Portland residents can contact our office in Fairview, Oregon, today!