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When you’d like to prolong the life of a damaged tree or support a tree that is at risk, adding cables could be the answer. Properly installed cables redistribute structural stress and provide support in weakened areas of a tree. This mechanical support system reduces the potential for future damage to the tree and the likelihood of structural failure. Professional Troutdale tree cabling service can effectively add years to the life of a tree without seriously affecting the way it looks.

Rich’s Tree Service evaluates damaged trees to determine whether tree cabling is a viable solution to damaged trees or trees which are at risk. Customers in Troutdale have trusted owner and certified arborist Rich Gillum with their tree care for over 30 years.

What is Troutdale Tree Cabling?

Tree cabling is a method arborists use to protect and improve the structural integrity of damaged trees. Cables are installed in the upper crown of a tree to address structural defects. We primarily use the Cobra cable system, which includes a built-in shock absorber designed to absorb the dynamic forces that occur to trees during inclement weather.

If you have a tree that you think is in danger of falling or breaking, cabling may be the answer. Note that this is different than tree staking or guying, which involves anchoring the tree into the ground through the use of cables.

Check Out this Video for an Example of Tree Bracing with the Cobra Bracing System

Maintenance of Tree Cables

Tree cables are subject to the elements and normal movement of branches. Maintenance is minimal, but important, and should include annual inspections by a certified arborist. Additional support may become necessary as the tree grows, and visual inspections should also be made to ascertain whether the cable is performing as intended.

Troutdale Tree Cabling Service FAQ

Will cabling hurt my trees?

No. The Cobra cable system involves no injury to the tree. The straps used in the system loop around the necessary limbs and broadly distribute pressure so as to cause no damage.

Can cabling prevent a weak tree from breaking?

Reinforcing the structure of a tree is the primary goal of cabling. No one can guarantee the survival of a tree, but cabling is extra insurance against further failure.

One of my trees is leaning – will cabling be able to straighten it?

The primary use of cabling is to reinforce the structure of a tree. Cabling may be able to cause the limbs of a tree to grow more in a vertical direction, but straightening the entire tree is not the job of cabling. For that, guying is more likely the answer. Please feel free to contact us for an evaluation to see how we can help in your particular situation.

When should cabling rather than pruning be done?

Cabling is almost always done in conjunction with pruning. Pruning helps to reduce the weight that a trunk or limb must support while the Cobra cable adds the needed extra measure of strength. The experts at Rich’s Tree Service will be the best guides for achieving the proper balance between cabling and pruning to protect the life of your favorite trees.

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