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Do you have a tree or shrub which needs pruning? Are you concerned about prolonging the life of a beloved tree on your property? Those are the exact kinds of situations our team at Rich’s Tree Service is here to help with.

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Why Hire Rich’s Tree Service for Your Brightwood Trees?

Improper pruning can lead to poor structure, decay, excessive growth response, and frequent maintenance. Utilizing a Brightwood tree trimming service that understands how your trees and shrubs respond to various pruning techniques will optimize the longevity of your landscape. You can trust our team to trim your trees with all the relevant factors in mind.

Use a Brightwood Tree Trimming Service to Increase the Beauty of Your Property

The most obvious benefit of using a Brightwood tree trimming service is that it makes your trees look significantly better. Your well-groomed trees and shrubs make a statement. If you’re a business, it tells your customers that you pay attention to detail and that quality matters. As a homeowner, you protect your property values as well as enjoy the beauty of a well-maintained yard. Our experienced team of Brightwood tree trimming professionals knows what to cut – and what to leave – to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing results.

Use a Brightwood Tree Trimming Service to Promote Tree Health and Growth

Pruning isn’t just for beauty. It’s also for health and structure. Sometimes due to disease or spending too much energy trying to grow in an unhelpful direction, trees develop weaknesses. When this happens, the affected part may need to be removed so that the rest of the tree can thrive.

Understanding how trees develop in terms of growth potential and structure is essential in proper trimming. Different species of trees and shrubs have different tendencies both in terms of how they grow – and often how they fail. At Rich’s Brightwood tree service, it’s our job to keep these things in mind and apply proper pruning techniques for the good of your trees.

Knowing which branches to take and which to leave is critical in tree care, but the method of removing them can also make a difference to the overall health of a tree. Removing a limb improperly can be a traumatic event that sends a tree into shock or leaves scarring, which is something we want to avoid. The training that the team at Rich’s Tree Service has received means that when they remove a limb, they know how to do it in such a way that the impact on any tree is minimized. You can think about them as expert tree surgeons, removing bad parts of a tree so that the good can survive and thrive for years to come.

Rich's Tree Service at work pruning treesRich's Brightwood Tree Trimming service at workRich's offers professional tree trimming services for overgrown shrubbery, as shown

Use a Brightwood Tree Trimming Service to Reduce Hazards

The safety of people and property is a significant reason to use a professional Brightwood tree trimming service. Not only does having an experienced pro do the work limit the danger to those involved in the actual trimming of a tree (which is not insignificant), but keeping on top of tree maintenance decreases the odds that property owners will need to call us for emergency tree removal because a weak branch or tree has given way.

Most – though not all – hazards for which pruning is a remedy are relatively predictable. Factors which affect our trimming strategies include:

  • Species
  • Size
  • Age
  • Target
  • Prevailing winds
  • Storm patterns
  • Site changes
  • Drainage

…to name a few.

In short, a Brightwood tree pruning service keeps your landscape beautiful, trees healthy, and people and property safe. To schedule an evaluation of your trees, give us a call today.

Tree Pruning Jobs We Do for our Brightwood Clients

Types of Tree and Shrub Pruning

Before we begin a pruning job, you will be provided with a quote of what we think would be best for the health of your trees. That quote may include any of the following services:

  • Hazard Pruning
  • Our team of experts will identify hazards that need to be mitigated. We will remove dead, dying, diseased, and weak branches for the health of your trees and to avoid situations that require emergency removal.
  • Thinning
  • This is the selective removal of branches to increase light penetration, improve air movement, and lessen weight to reduce stress on the tree structure and curate an environment conducive to the health of the tree and other plants in the area. Strategic thinning has the benefit of improving the look of a tree, as well.
  • Elevating
  • Elevating involves the removal of lower branches to provide greater clearance from the ground, which may be needed in an area with traffic or to encourage other growth further up the tree.
  • Crown Reduction
  • Crown reduction decreases the size of the profile size of a tree using proper cuts, thereby preserving appearance, health, and structure.
  • View Clearing
  • Selective removal of limbs in the crown to allow for a specific view – a great alternative to tree topping.
  • Pollarding
  • This technical term refers to a less common pruning technique that involves the yearly removal of all new growth. Pollarding has the effect of restricting a tree’s height.
  • Fruit Tree Pruning
  • There are several reasonable techniques utilized for pruning fruit trees, each with a very different outcome. A benefit of a Brightwood tree pruning service is that the team members understand how your trees will respond to each method of trimming and can adapt their technique depending on your objective. Our team will get to know your tree and what you’re hoping to achieve so that they can provide the most appropriate course of trimming.

If you’re not sure where to start, give us a call and learn how we can help.

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Rich's Tree Service at work pruning a large treeRich's Tree pruning service at work pruning a row of hedgesRich's offers professional tree pruning services for trees of all sorts

Tree Trimming Service for Brightwood Commercial Property Owners, Property Management Companies, and HOAs

We also service commercial properties and HOAs when the following issues need addressing:

  • Competition for visibility for storefronts and signage
  • Building clearance
  • Clearance over streets, buildings, and sidewalks
  • Staying mindful of security, safety, and lighting
  • Managing competition for sunlight to other vegetation

Our crews are effective and extremely efficient, and our equipment is top-notch – to the point that we are confident in handling the jobs that even the biggest clients have to offer. If you own a large commercial property, manage several properties, or are in charge of arranging neighborhood maintenance for an HOA, we would love to talk with you and see how we can help with your Brightwood tree trimming needs.

What People Online Are Saying About Rich’s Brightwood Tree Trimming Service

  • "I…have two beautiful cherry trees (affectionately named Ethel and Myrtle) that were probably planted in 1951 when my home was built. They are wonderful examples of their species and they put on quite a show every spring. Neighbors stop and take in their splendor while kids beam with delight as the pink petals gently fall and drift like snow. But as magnificent as they are the trees are a little fragile at their age, so I want to help them thrive for years to come. I can't imagine entrusting their care to anyone else." – Tony
  • "It's always a pleasure to write a five-star review for an outstanding company and the crew the Rich's Tree Service sent out went way above and beyond what I expected. Michael came out and gave me a quote that was very reasonable and was a lot less than I have paid other tree services in the past. And since I am not a repeat customer for any of those other guys, that ought to give you some idea about my level of satisfaction with them. These guys worked very hard, did exactly what I needed done (and more)...cleaned up so completely when they were done that you'd never even know they were here (except for how airy things look after a much needed pruning. I don’t know if these two are typical of the guys Rich's employs or if I lucked out and got their two best guys. But I couldn't be happier with the results/price/service/promptness/everything!" – Frank
  • "Rich and his crew are experts in trees. We have used them for specialty pruning over 12'. We are always impressed with their promptness, friendliness and knowledge. We totally trust them with our landscape. We have had them remove large trees close to structures with no worries :) Would definitely use again, especially since they are locally owned and operated!" – Marie
  • "I have been using Rich's Tree Service since 1999 at two different homes in Northeast Portland. My Beaumont neighborhood home had a spectacular liriodendron tree, and Rich kept it in beautiful shape so that the blooms were plentiful every year. My current home in Irvington has a large-scale Japanese maple on the corner, probably from around 1916 at the time of construction or perhaps earlier. It is a dramatic, twisting, sculptural tree, and I am so happy that Rich's works to keep it in great shape--they even move the hanging swing every few years to prevent limb damage! I always refer friends to Rich's and appreciate the special coupons that are sent once or twice a year--thanks so much, Rich!" – Jan
  • "Rich is a great arborist. I have used 10 - 12 different companies and he is the best…He is honest and mid-range as far as cost. If you want someone cheap that will top your trees and make them look like trash don't call Rich because he won't do this type of work. He looks to find the best solution for the client and the health of their trees. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ON ANYONE ELSE!!!" – Paul
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