Partnering with Friends of Trees

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Friends of Trees. Friends of Trees is a nonprofit organization with a mission to plant and care for city trees and green spaces. You will find our information under their Arborists tab.

Tree care companies that partner with Friends of Trees as a preferred Arborist have to abide by their standards. You will find important information regarding what to look for when hiring a tree service company. Visit their website to learn more at


Owner and Certified Arborist Rich Gillum, of Rich’s Tree Service, Inc., has been serving the Portland Metro areas for over 24 years. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured tree care company that specializes in pruning, preservation, and removal.  Customers can read our reviews on Angie’s List, The BBB, Facebook and ask for a list of commercial and residential references to learn more about our superior service.

Tree Permits

At Rich’s Tree Service, Inc.  we advise our clients  to research tree permit requirements before beginning a tree project  to avoid receiving any fines. Most cities require property owners to obtain a permit before removing a tree on their property, and some cities now require you to be a licensed arborist approved by the city to prune a tree along the frontage of your property. Street trees almost always require a permit for removal. If you decide to remove a tree before checking with the city first, you could find yourself with a hefty fine.

Lake Oswego is among one of the strictest cities in the Portland Metro area. Before doing any tree maintenance or tree removal, the homeowner should verify if a permit is needed. This process can be very time consuming. The only time a permit does not need to be issued before a removal occurs in Lake Oswego is during an emergency situation. If you find yourself in an emergency situation you can have the tree removed but you must take pictures before and after.  Then after the tree is removed the property owner must submit a request for an emergency tree removal permit. See the City of Lake Oswego’s website for more details.

Owner and Certified Arborist Rich Gillum, of Rich’s Tree Service, Inc., has been serving the Portland Metro areas for over 24 years. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured tree care company that specializes in pruning, preservation, and removal.  Customers can read our reviews on Angie’s List, The BBB, Facebook and ask for a list of commercial and residential references to learn more about our superior service.

Fire Hazard

The sun is shining, burgers are on the BBQ, and it’s almost time for Fireworks. All of this makes for a great summer day in Portland, but there is one potential fire danger that we should all be aware of. Our trees pose a fire hazard especially on the 4th of July. Fuel Ladder is a common firefighter term that allows a fire to climb landscape. Here are a few tips to help prevent fires happening to your landscape this summer.

- Remove dead or dying trees and shrubs
- Keep your landscape hydrated and green
- Keep up with routine yard maintenance
- Aim for simple landscapes
- Prune deadwood
- Prune trees and shrubs away from structures
- Water your trees, shrubs and grass before lighting fireworks
- Immediately put used fireworks in water

Feel free to give us a call today to have your trees and shrubs evaluated by a certified Arborist 503-465-2133.

View Clearing

Do you own a home that offers a beautiful view but it is obstructed with a view of trees? It’s the perfect time to start thinking about clearing that space so you can enjoy that view. Maybe that view has been blocked since you moved in or maybe the view is now blocked due to the growth of your trees.

It is important to keep in mind growth potential while considering what variety of tree to plant to enhance your landscaping and still offer a gorgeous view. If you find that you want your view back call your local Arborists to get a quote. We have the knowledge and experience to get the job done correctly. Even in the tightest locations and steepest slopes. When needed we can bring a crane in to remove your trees.

An alternative to planting trees and considering a trees growth potential would be planting shrubs. Whether you’re looking into having your trees removed or topped, then replaced by planting shrubs or trees Rich’s Tree Service, Inc. can get the job done. Give us a call today for your free estimate 503-465-2133.

Elm Trees

Pruning Elm trees in the Portland metro area is only open between October 15th and April 15th. The reason Elm trees are regulated is due to Dutch Elm Disease. Dutch Elm Disease involves Elm Bark Beetles that burrow into the trees causing the trees to die over time.

Removal or pruning a tree that has Dutch Elm Disease involves extra precautionary measures to insure the disease does not spread. The dates that Elm pruning and removal are open is in correlation with dormancy. The disease can also spread from an infected tree to a healthy tree by means of their roots. If a healthy tree is within 25-50 feet of an infected tree a root graft should be placed to help eliminate transferring from occurring.

Rich’s Tree Service, Inc. has years of experience handling Dutch Elm Disease. We properly sanitize all our tools that may come in contact with the disease and properly dispose of the wood to eliminate the risk of exposure. All of these steps are important to help eliminate the transfer of the disease.

Tree Service Reviews

Thanks to our great customers that have sent us their feedback on how we are doing we can conclude that we offer excellent tree service. Being in business for 25 years proves that we have the knowledge and professionalism to keep our customers happy. Here are a few examples of what our customers are saying:

“Very professional and easy to work with.” –Brent P.

“We needed two 30-40 foot Curly Willow trees removed from our tight backyard. This gardener is very impressed with their work and would recommend and use them again.” –Mickey S.

“For over 8 years I’ve been blessed to be in knowledgeable care of Rich’s Arborists. If you value integrity, exceptional customer service, superior knowledge and honest rates, I highly recommend Rich and his team.” –Lori M.

“I want to thank your office for understanding my concern when scheduling our job. Everything is blooming and I was worried about the sap and being too late to prune. Thanks again for working us in.”-Barbara M.

We are happy to know that we have satisfied our customers tree service needs. It’s always great hearing from our customers how much they loved our service.

Cities we Service

Rich’s Tree Service, Inc. has been serving the Portland and surrounding areas since 1989. Being in business for 25 years proves experience, knowledge and customer satisfaction. At times we may travel outside of the Portland Metro areas. We have traveled to the coast and down to California for work.

Here is a list of the most common cities we service:

Aloha -Ariel -Battle Ground -Beavercreek -Beaverton
-Boring -Brightwood -Camas -Canby -Cascade Locks
-Clackamas -Corbett -Cornelius -Damascus -Durham -Eagle Creek
-Estacada -Fairview -Forest Grove -Gaston -Gladstone -Gresham
-Happy Valley -Hillsboro -Hood River -King City -Lake Oswego
-Maywood Park -McMinnville -Milwaukie -Mulino -Newberg
-North Plains -Oak Grove -Oregon City -Rhododendron
-Ridgefield -Sandy -Sellwood -Sherwood -St. Helens -St. Paul
-Tigard -Troutdale -Tualatin -Vancouver -Warren -Washougal
-Welches -West Linn -Wilsonville -Wood Village -Woodland -Zig Zag

Tree removal using a crane!

There are certain circumstances that require Rich’s Tree Service to use a crane to remove a tree. Typically a tree that requires crane removal will be located on a steep slope, tight location, or close to buildings. We have the experience to acknowledge when a tree must be removed by utilizing a crane. If a homeowner or business decided to remove a tree without using a crane when it was needed disaster could arise. Here is a recent removal we did using a crane:

Tree removals involving a crane are not cheap, but are necessary to complete jobs without causing damage. If you are looking to have your tree removed and it is located on a slope, tight location, or near buildings it is important to hire a tree company that has a lot of experience. Although the cost to use a crane is expensive just imagine the cost and headache that could occur if the tree ended up falling on your neighbor’s house if it wasn’t dealt with properly.

We have been in business for over 25 years, and that’s the amount of experience you want when you hire a tree care professional.

Winter Storm Damage on Trees in Portland

As we just experienced, February can bring unexpected rain, cold temperatures, and storms to the Portland area. Due to the amount of snow and freezing rain our trees suffered. Many trees have broken limbs.

A combination of rain, cold temperatures and storms can contribute to flooding. Especially toward the end of the month when temperatures typically start rising while we start preparing for early spring.

Flooding can cause damage to our landscaping. It can alter the soil causing trees and shrubs to be less stable due to root damage. In severe cases it can cause a tree or shrub to fall, especially if flooding is combined with wind. Tolerance of flood damage depends on the age of the tree, and if the tree is dormant or not. Flooding is more detrimental during growing season than dormancy.