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Tree service Portland emergency storm service picture - Rich's Tree ServiceEmergency/Storm
Although severe weather does not always come during business hours, Rich’s Tree Service can help no matter what time of the day or night your need arises with emergency tree removal. We have an abundance of experience in dealing with fallen, damaged, and uprooted trees. No matter the location or damage, we can help, even in the middle of the night. Portland residents can call our office, in Fairview, Oregon, at (503) 465-2133 to receive our after-hours emergency contact phone number.

Fallen Tree Removal
Rich’s Tree Service has a great deal of experience with emergency tree removal and can also provide temporary roof patching and/or tarp installation until a long-term repair can be made. Also, we will be happy to remove trees that have not caused any property damage.

Hazard Tree Removal
Some tree situations cannot wait until the storm has passed, such as one that has begun to come apart and is precariously looming over your home, waiting for the next large gust to bring it to its final resting place in your living room. We can be on our way with a simple phone call to (503) 465-2133.

If you have a tree that has been improperly pruned by means of topping, injured by weather, other activities, or simply appears to have a structural defect, we may be able to help reduce the potential for further damage with the installation of a mechanical support system.

Tree Evaluations
When the damage has not reached your home, Rich’s Tree Service can evaluate your injured trees to determine the best course of action. We can provide and begin a comprehensive restoration pruning plan, design and install a tree support system, or offer tree removal services for those that cannot be reasonably restored.

Snow Plowing
Rich’s Tree Service also provides snow-clearing services and can help to restore access to your home, business, school, or church. We have a variety of machines to accommodate your specific needs, and will work around the clock to ensure our customers have the access they need.

Contact our office in Fairview, Oregon to receive a free estimate for emergency tree removal, today!